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Thank you so much for all the help and the fast response from the community. I am new to this website and also using Quickbooks Desktop.

-I'm wondering what will happen if i click RECORD on the check register (besides recording the transaction :smileyvery-happy:) . Is this a step I have to do as part of reconciliation bank statements.  or do I simply just ignore the RECORD button.


Also, I just finished reconciling my bank statements for year 2018 but there was one bank statements for one month mid-Dec 2018 that  I did not receive on time of reconciliation. I have already reconcile one of my credit card bank statements but what to go back to add more transactions  for the month I did not entered  mid Dec 2018 -Jan 8th 2019.  How can I go back and enter the transactions to show my New balance on my statement match quickbooks ending balance?


Thanks in advance.