Level 7

Other questions

You essentially have inventory if you want to allocate them to jobs.  The difficult part is setting up the inventory and then setting up the Units of Measurement to convert bulk purchased to unit used.  This a very tedious venture and may not be worth the trouble involved if the cost of the cleaning supplies is not large.  You might be better off expensing the items when purchased and setting up items to invoice for cleaning supply sales. 


Example:  You buy 50 bottles of for $50.  Expense them as a cost of goods sold.  You sell the to a customer @ $2 per.  You set up an item for bleach with a sale price of $2.  Include the bleach item on the invoice. 


This method will not help you with tracking perpetual inventory.  It is the simplest solution unless you want to micro manage your supply purchases.  At the end of the year you value what is remaining and make a journal entry to inventory.