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I use QB Enterprise and the company I work for uses multiple inventory items to make an assembly. For example, we may use a dozen eggs, 5 cups of flour, sugar and so on to make a dough ( this is the assembly), which is then cooked into 100 cookies which we sell individually. what is the best way to make assemblies so I can track my individual inventory items  making up that assembly to set Min/Max reorder points and then sell the "batch" in pieces?

when I build the batch, QB thinks the "cookie dough" is the finished item and will not let me sell 1 of the 100 cookies it made.....

The truth is you should not be using an assembly item for this, nor should perishable items be held as inventory items, eggs, etc.


Just expense the perishable items when purchased.


But if you want to use the assembly item, there is an issue.  An assembly item makes one of something and there is no variable output for an assembly item and no waste either.  So if your assembly always without fail makes 100 cookies fine, but if sometimes you get more or less that does not work.


An assembly item takes the qty of each item listed in the assembly BOM to make one of something.  So to make 100 cookies using an assembly item, you have to list the items being used, and for qty you enter 1/100 of the item, 0.01 in other words (for eggs that would be 0.01 of a dozen).  Then when you build the assembly you must always build 100 each time or each batch


Then use a service item to sell the cookies, or if you wish create a zero cost inventory item for the cookies, after a batch is made count them, and use inventory adjust, set the adjusting account to a clearing expense account, and increase the qty on hand by the number made, then sell that item.


check the clearing expense balance it should always be zero, if is not that means someone entered a cost for the cookie item, and that is wrong when you do it this way

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