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Payroll and STP

There are a few steps involved in having your KeyPay file disconnected from QuickBooks Online. Some details will need to be retrieved from the payroll section, and full-access user will need to be added as well. After that is done, then you will need to contact support.


Firstly, a few details will be needed from within the payroll section.
1. Navigate to the Employees section
2. Go to Payroll Settings.
3. Click on Details under Business Settings.
4. You can get the Business Name and ABN. Please make a note of this for when you contact support.


Next, a full access user will need to be added within the payroll section.
1. Navigate to Employees from the left menu
2. Select Payroll Settings
3. Select Manage Users
4. Select Add
5. Enter in your full name and email address, and ensure that the access level selected is Full Access
6. Select Save


After that is done, the best idea is to contact support so they can help you with the rest of the process.


For information on how to contact support, visit our Contact Us page. 


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