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Employees monthly leave accrual is not showing on payroll

QuickBooks Team

Payroll and STP

Hi accounts389,


When an employee's leave accruing on the Pay Run there are a couple things first we would need to check.


Firstly, has the employee been finalised in any recent Pay Runs? If the employee has been set up in the system but has not been included in a pay period, or if the pay run is unfinalized the employee's overall Leave Balance will not change until finalised. 


Secondly, it would be important to check the Leave Categories set up and ensure they are set to Automatically Accrues. To do so you please use the steps below:


  1. When in the Employees tab, select Payroll Settings. 
  2. Under the Pay Run Settings column, select Leave Categories. 
  3. Up the top, make sure the drop setting for 'Leave year should start on:' is set to Employee's start date.
  4. Next, below with your list of Leave Categories, if you found one or more is not accruing leave in your finalised pay run, check to see the are ticked to have the setting Automatically accrues on a ongoing basis. If not please tick this box and then hit Save. 


Since making changes to the Leave Categories it's important to return to the Pay Run to unlock and refinalise to allow you changes to work. You can do so with the steps below:


  1. Click on the monthly Pay Run  in the 'Pay Runs' screen
  2. Select on the Pay Run Actions button then choose the Unlock option. 
  3. Select the employees in the monthly payrun, and scroll down to check that they now have a section labelled Leave Accrued
  4. If so then select Finalise.


Let me know if this helps,