Level 2

Payroll and STP

Hi GraceC
Thanks for your help, but my problem is that I need to create 2 separate pay runs for the same week:
1     One pay run for the employee (A) who has gone on leave and has been paid 3 weeks in advance so that she can correctly have the Date Paid of 20/12/19. 
2    A second pay run for 2 other employees (B & C) who have worked through the week as usual. B & C will have a different Date Paid from A as they have just done their weekly work and will be paid at the end of the week (04/01/20). 
If I don't have separate pay runs, all 3 employees will have the same Date Paid ( and this will affect the PAYG and super that is due in each quarter).
When I try to create a new pay run for just B & C, it gives me a future Period Starting Date whereas I would like B & C to have the same Period Starting Date as for A's payslip so that I can have the correct Date Paid for all 3 employees. 
Any advice would be most welcome.
Thank you