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Where do I find something called "We buy this" i added a new vendor with a cost code but it is not linking to Buildertrend?

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Expenses & Suppliers

Hey how do i clear a credit invoice,


It's great that you're using apps to integrate additional features in your books. Third-party apps are the best way to personalize the QuickBooks experience, so you can be sure to have all of the features most important to you. This really enhances the powerful accounting capabilities already built in. While app integration is a vital part of QuickBooks Online, your best help in this case would be Buildertrend's owner award-winning support team


On the QuickBooks side of things, you can set up purchasing information for your products and services in just a couple easy steps: 

  1. Select the Gear icon on the toolbar, then choose Products and Services.
  2. Find the product, service, or bundle you want to change.
  3. From the Action column drop-down menu, select Edit.
  4. Check I purchase this product/service from a supplier to enter purchasing info. 

Let me know how this goes!