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We have been seeing the same thing with credit card payments lately. When we first started with them, we would get emails around 2pm that says "your money is on the way!" Now we are seeing all sorts of weird declines from people we do plenty of business with (if we run that same card through Square a minute later, it goes right through and is available INSTANTLY) When I called to complain about this All I was told is that we were over our processing limit, and would have to wait until 7/11 to process cards again. Welp, here we are on 7/17 and the last payments made for invoices have been "delayed." Seriously... This money is OUR MONEY. OURS. We worked hard for it, and pay you your fee for keeping track of it. It's absolutely ridiculous how arbitrary your "policies" are, how inconsistently they are applied, and how inconsistent/unhelpful your reps answers are when I call In. At this point, we may as well just go back to Square. We have NEVER had a chargeback, and only ever issued two small refunds in the last seven years. Square has never delayed OUR MONEY. Not once. Why is this so hard for you to manage?