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Bcc myself when a customer receives a receipt?

Is there a way to have a copy of the receipt BCC'ed to us when the customer receives their email copy?


I see the option to manually add my address CC'ed and BCC'ed in QB under Sales > All Sales > (chose the customer)  However, I can't find an option to automatically CC/BCC and have a receipt sent to us on all transactions.  

QuickBooks Team
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Re: Bcc myself when a customer receives a receipt?

Hi there, BruceHBlack.


The CC/BCC feature will only send you a copy of the emails that were sent from QuickBooks. For now, we're not able to send you a receipt once the customer received them.


Though, you can go to the list of invoices under the Sales menu to check if the invoice was already sent or viewed by the customer. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Invoices tab in the Sales menu.
  2. Look for the invoice. 
  3. Go to the Status column and click the status of the invoice.

For estimates and sales receipts, you will need to open them if you want to check when the transactions were sent to your customers. 


I'd be glad to get back here if you have other questions about sending sales forms in QuickBooks. 



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