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Thank you for responding, @taurusoilfield. Your deposits...

Thank you for responding, @taurusoilfield.

Your deposits will show under the Credits section once its account is changed to Accounts Receivable. You can locate your existing deposit in the Chart of Accounts. Here's how:

1. Click Accounting in the left navigation bar.
2. Go to the Chart of Accounts tab.
3. Look for your account and click View register.
4. Find and select your deposit, then click Edit.
5. Under the Add New Deposits section, select the customer's name for Received From.
6. Change the Account to Accounts Receivable.
7. Click Save and close.

After this, follow steps 4 to 8 in the answer above.

Please let me know if you experience something else and if you have other questions, @taurusoilfield.