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You can run a report for every payment made by making one of the Payment Methods DHS. You can run a report on this as well to see what has been used on which invoice.


Let's try it:

1. Go to the invoice that is needing the partial DHS payment on.
2. After going to the Invoice, you'll need to select Receive Payment on the top bar.
3. Now that you are in Receive Payment, we're going to make a new Customer.
4. You'll want to make DHS the customer. This way when you're wanting to make a report on what DHS has paid, you'll be able to see it.
5. Now that your customer is made, you can now enter the amount they paid.
6. Then Save and close.

Another way to do this is:

1. First, go to Transactions and then select add transaction.
2. Enter the partial payment date, and under notes or description, enter the necessary information to indicate that it is a partial payment.
3. Input the amount and then select a category by clicking it.
4. Click on income and then save.
5. After you accomplished QuickBooks receive payment for the invoice, follow the same steps as above and under description or notes indicate what the payment is being applied.


You can also wait until you received the full payment before you click it as paid.


If you need any more questions, please don't hesitate to reach back out.

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