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Pausing and restarting recurring invoices

I've paused an invoice for a client but unsure the best method to reinitiate the invoice in the future.  When selecting "restart" does it change the date it's sent out to accommodate for the pause duration?



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Allow me to share some information about pausing and restarting recurring invoices in QuickBooks Online.


Selecting the "restart" or resume button after the pause duration will not change its date. Also, the recommended method to re-initiate the invoice in the future is to manually change the date, or you can skip it to the next date.


Let me show you how:

  1. In the Recurring Transactions screen, click the drop-down arrow and click Resume.
  2. Click Resume.
  3. Click Skip next date.

I've attached screenshots below to guide you better.


Also, you may find this article helpful: Recurring Transactions in QuickBooks Online.


I hope this response finds you with a smile. Let me know if I can be of additional assistance. Best wishes.


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You're very welcome. Glad I was able to help.