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Should I use Statement or Invoice for monthly billing for service?

Not sure I'm in the right topic (Payments) for this.  But there is no Billing topic.


I have a small service company.  I bill monthly for weekly service that I provide at my customers homes (swimming pool service).


I'm just now trying to get my QuickBooks Desktop Pro setup.  What I wonder is, if each month I should be emailing a "Statement" or an "Invoice".

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Each service would be an Invoice. You can create month end Statements. Statements are designed to pull info from unpaid Invoices. You can email either or both to your customers. If you sign up for payments you can even give the customers the ability to pay the invoice directly from the email by credit or ach.


You cannot create just a Statement without an Invoice. When you receive payments you post against Invoices, not Statements. So if you bill monthly a single monthly Invoice is sufficient. Send Statements if you do not get paid per your terms as a reminder

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Thanks for getting back John.  I am in a group for pool service guys and I am hearing some say they just use Statements and not Invoice and some of the guys say they only use Invoice.


It is a bit confusing I am not a book keeper.  But I don't need a bookkeeper as my business is pretty basic with only 40 customers that I bill each month.


I don't want to send customers a bunch of emails or get them confused. I want to just send them one email at the end of the month letting them know what they need to make the check out for.   What I have been doing currently, not using QB, is just leaving them a written invoice  and they just either leave me a check or mail it to me.  I will not be needing credit or online payment at this point.  All customers are willing to pay via personal or online bank generated check.



Each customer has a set service rate for the month so I want that recurring.  But some months I might do a filter service or repair a pump.  I will quote them verbally or via text on the price which includes parts and labor.  And at the end of the month bill them for either just the set monthly service rate, or the set rate with whatever extra I did.


I have also talked to a few accountants, who are supposedly good at QB, and I get both opinions also.  Some say Statements and some say Invoices.  I don't know with what opinion to go with.


Could I setup for Statements(or vise versa Invoices) and if I felt that didn't work out switch to the other.  Or does it need to be setup one way or the other from the beginning.

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Check this out: https://www.quick-training.com/2013/06/05/recording-a-statement-charge-in-quickbooks/


Here is one of my friends in the same industry, pool service, who says Statements are the only way to go for ease and quickness. 

Invoicing is the worst part of the month and I hope that Quickbooks can remedy that. Below is a screenshot of what my friend does...


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