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I thought that would be the case.  Thanks for your prompt reply.


Since I will have a fairly comprehesive accounting of my home inspection income from use of an online program that caters to the home inspection industry, I assume there is no downside to my QB accounting to just manually enter weekly - as a lump sum deposit in QB - all GOPAYMENT CC receipts that show up in my bank account for the week  (as well as entering in QB as a line item debit in the register, total CC processing fees related to that lump sum entry of that GOPAYMENT CC income).  FWIW, I have to do this anyways as to the online CC payments that are made by the customer via the home inspection portal  (because regrettably, that program does not integrate with QB/GOYAMENT). 


If I'm not mistaken, I guess the only downside to the foregoing would be whatever risk is presented by bypassing the QB system by which one "marries"  a  CC payment to figures showing up as cc deposits in my bank account (and also, not getting the benefit of the CC and service fees showing up  in the QB check register).   But as per my initiasl post, I do need to have my office manger spending her time logging customer data into one - not two,  programs.


The foregoing does entail the option for me to go with any CC processor . . . and I though about doing just that. . .but I might want to stick with Intuit's GOPAYMENT system. My only reason to switch would most likely be due to concerns about glitches with the mobile card reader.  Besides the question posed by this email, would this be the proper forum to pose questions about the reader (and can I do so in this thread)?


Anyways, thanks again for your input and expertise.  







, receiptss (which I will do once weekly).  ervice fees on a weekly basis), as I will be doing for CC transaciton deposits funded into my bank account from another cc processing company I use (and have to use) as for online cc payments made by the customer booking and paying for a home inspection via an online web site set up to handle all of a home inspectors booking, accounting, etc.