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This is my exact problem as well. You are providing instructions on how to add a deposit that came in through the bank - that is easy. The problem is that, this is getting recorded as a "Bank Deposit" and it is not appearing as a Sales item. However, if we do the same for an expense, that transaction does appear in Expenses --> Expenses. Why is that expense transactions get recorded as an expense, but for a deposit we don't have the option to record it as a Bank Deposit OR  as a Sales Item. In this modern age, it is possible for customers to pay for an item with a direct bank to bank transfer. I understand a bank transaction could in fact be a deposit, but then give an option so that QB users can classify the transaction as a Sales.


The problem is that, yes we can record the bank deposit, however, if we run reports by customers or by Sales Account, the deposit does not appear there.