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Re: Past Due Stamp

I am so frustrated with having this issue.  I have gone thru all the steps and my past due keeps showing up on my invoices.  It doesn't print when I print the invoice, it's just very annoying.  The issue I am now having is when I send an invoice to my customer the email note that is from Quickbooks (cover email) keeps printing in red the due date on my cover email.  The red due date is the service date I typed on the invoice, not the due date.  How do I fix this?  I have attached a screen shot to show you what I am experiencing.  Thank you!


I had trouble attaching the file.  Here is what is showing on the cover email.  The due date printed in red is actually the service date not the due date.  How do I delete this from future cover emails?


Invoice   Due:11/06/2018
Amount Due: $82.02