QuickBooks Team
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Re: Hello there ryan, I appreciate the initial steps you've t...

Glad to see you here in the Community, DebMcd.

I appreciate performing the troubleshooting steps to get your online banking working.

I’ve looked into this further and we don’t have any open investigations with First Citizens bank. To best figure out what is going on, we’ll need to look into the connection between QuickBooks and your bank.

Here in the Community, we are unable to share account details for your safety and security. I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Online Support Team, who have the necessary tools to pull up your account and trace where the issue is coming from.


Upon calling them, I'm confident that you'll be able to download transactions seamlessly.


Feel free to check with us if you need help while working in QBO. I'll be glad to assist you further. Have a great rest of your day.