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Can a client pay more than a specific invoice using merchant services on-line payment?

I have a client who has multiple outstanding invoices and was interested in paying the balance in full with one online ACH transaction. I am aware it is possible for clients to make partial payments; can they also exceed the invoice amount?

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I'm here to share some information about processing online payment in QuickBooks Desktop.


The client can process partial and full payments for their invoices in QuickBooks. If their payment exceeds the invoice amount, you can enter a credit memo for the remaining amount as their balance and can be applied on the future invoices. Processing payments more than the total of the invoice is currently unavailable.


Here's how to record a credit memo:


  1. Select Credit Memos/Refunds from the Customers tab.
  2. Fill in the necessary information, select Retain as an available credit when saving the transaction.b6 1a.PNG

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Thanks - to sum up the basic question & answer...

Q: When using the payment function on an emailed invoice, can a client make an ACH payment for more than the invoice balance?

A: No.  A client can make a partial payment, but not a payment larger than the invoiced amount when using this functionality.

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Yes, you're right! The client can process partial and full payments for their invoices in QuickBooks Desktop QBDT. For more information, you can check out this article: Receive and process payments in QuickBooks Desktop


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