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Thanks for the reply.  However, I had already done that.  I wonder if the problem stems from the time a QB Tech support staff member helped me with the migration from QB Online to QB Pro 2015 a year or two back. We were having huge problems with this so she  transferred all my data herself.  Since then, the "Select Invoices to Print" Task Box has all our invoices form 2004 to 5/31/17 but this last weekend, the latest ones disappeared even though the invoices are in the system.  A year ago, another QB tech support staff member told me that to solve this problem I would have to go into each of the 299 invoices and uncheck the Print Later box on every invoice.  Blow that.  I did and do not have the time to do that, so I would just click "Select None" then go to the lates invoices just entered and select the invoices from the current month that I needed to print.  It worked well - until this weekend.  Any ideas?  Help would be much appreciated.