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Please Learn from this input; desktop doesn't have Print Designer and this is not an issue of Design.


There is Nothing about a Template in this discussion. It is the Use of the sales receipt to enter all data per where it needs to flow.





It really would help if the Intuit people would also Learn from that article that was linked by FTech; that is the Best Article for doing this with QB Desktop.


There is No Use for a Discount Item Type; that item Type needs to compute on items above it, in QB. This person has the Source Info already. They simply enter Positives and Negatives. Example:

Sales of Food positive

Sales of Food Negative <== for Comps or No Pay customer amounts

Both Service Items link to the same Income account




You can set up as many similar items as you want, so that the entry of the Z Out turns into a routine clerical task. Example
Sales of Food positive

Comped food "enter as negative" <== Name it and Prompt your clerk


And now you link Sales to one Sales account and "Comps" to a different Income account used only for negative (contra-accounting).


Just take it Line by Line. Basic Example:


Service Item for Sales <== links to Income, enter Positive, as Gross sales)

Or, break it out by Food and Bev Non-alcoholic and Alcohol. You set up what meets your needs, to match the Z out and for any required reporting.

Service item(s) or Other Charge Type Items for Sales reduction, such as Comp, and emp meals, as various negatives posting to income account(s).

Other activities, such as Tips Liability

Sales tax Other Charge Item as Liability


Right here, you typically includes the Over/Short item for adjusting if Funds doesn't match Sales + tips, which is linked to Income or Expense. You are not adjusting the Funds. You are adjusting Sales.


Then, you will have Payment Methods which will be Payment Items as Negatives: cash, Checks, Credit Card Charges. These are needed to be able to match Settlement of the funds, flowing to Bank in QB, to Undeposited Funds, etc.


It ends at 0, because everything is supposed to have been accounted for.


And make one with .01 in every field, positive and negative and Memorize it. Now, for each date you get the Z out, you open the Memorized Transactions list, you Double-Click that Daily Sales Summary, fill it in for that date and Save it; It's a Worksheet.