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Product/Services List

We are a small "design and build" landscaping company that creates landscaping projects and then implements/builds them.  Over the past 3 years, our Prducts/Servicse list has grown to 247 items.  Much of the growth in the list has been because we've become used to entering a description that is specific to the particular job we're doing for a customer.  For example, if we have a job to "wet lay flagtsone" and anothe to "wet lay flagstone around pool" and another to "wet lay porch flagstone", we've created 3 separate Products/Services rather than using just "Wet lay" as a Product/Service and then using the Description area on an Invoice to be more specific by the use of "flagtsone" "flagstone aroudn pool" etc.


I'm wondering if others have the same problem and, specifically, how other small landscapers have resolved it.  Is there, I wonder, a "typical" list for companies in this business?   


Thank you in advance for your time and your thoughts.