Level 15


Some of your attachment is not displaying well. I will do my best:


QB is your Financial management tool. It allows you to track sales, and Pre-sales. It will never allow you to put Tons of text and boxes and fields like you are asking; you are asking for Specs (specification) tracking. That is not going to happen In QB. You can set up an Intake Form for all of this Job Order tracking needs. The QB program doesn't provide for tons of data that won't be related to the Operations and Financial data.


Example: You can put Info on items as part of name and description. That means you can set up Service Items to show you Worked on a Stainless Steel Pump at 6" dia; a Cast Iron Pump and 6"; etc. Or, you want all of that identifying info for that pump on an entire Intake form, and in QB, the labor item is Priced as the Labor task, such as Rebuild or Weld or Bench Test.


I would make an Intake Form. In QB, I would track Serial Number as account # for that Job Name, so that when you work on my Pump, you have the history of all work on that pump. Example:


My Well 3 pump and my Booster Pump = two job names for you, under my water district as Customer Name. They get info in QB, and even Start Date for tracking when it got placed in service and End Date for when it was Pulled from service. But all those connectivity and system details are needed for the bench/repair shop. Then, the Listing of the materials used are gong to be part of my sale. That way, the research later can be: What Size did we put on that, last time, because it isn't fitting in the field?


QB doesn't need all the Specs for that pump, in the QB file. "Last In" would be the prevoius Service charges so that is the Date of Previous Sales (worked on), which are part of the Operational and Financial data ad ould be on the Spec Sheet. It might even show the service included labor and materials, o-rings, etc.


You have to determine what matters where, and not try to put all sorts of data into QB.


Then, you can Attach this Intake Spec Sheet to the Job Name, right in QB. That's why you see little paperclips. You don't need all of that info for the purpose of the Sale. That is a separate sheet of info.