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Create and manage your Payments user ID

I have invited my users to use the payments solutions as instructed.  Of the 4 individuals, 2 have been able to create user accounts however the remaining 2 are not able to create user accounts.  I am the admin and I sent emails to both of the ones that are not set up.  Neither are showing up in my admin screen of users. 


In one case, the user is receiving an error indicating that they must be invited and to refer to their admin; he selects the option to send admin email however admin never receives email.  If I try to add him, I receive error that he is already a user.  UGH! 


In the second case, it indicates that he is already a user however he is not on my list of users - he is unable to sign in because he has never created the user account.  We have tried to reset password however the default security question "name your first pet" does not work since we do not know what the password is; if I select the other option to reset password, it refers me to see my admin - which is me.  UGH!


When I call the help desk, it is an automated service that does not have a clue what I am referring to when asking for help with Intuit Payment Solution Users, after 10 minutes of answering automated service questions, it dumped me into a que which advised that the wait time would be a minium of 20 minutes.  Seriously do not have time to wait on hold for 20 minutes for help with a process that should not take this much of my time.


Help would be appreciated.  I use Quickbooks Enterprise 19.0.