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Re: Confusing invoice layout in emails

Thank you all for the feedback. 


We've updated the invoice email so that you can:

  • Better highlight your brand as a small business and customize your emails. You can now choose your color, highlight your logo, and choose to hide/show invoice details. Preferences you've set for your invoice template now carry over to your invoice email.
  • Optimize your invoice emails for mobile devices. More often than not, your customers will be receiving their emails on the go, on their mobile devices. The new invoice email is responsive to any screen size, so your users don't have to "pinch and zoom". They can now easily view, and if you have QuickBooks Payments, pay, your invoice wherever they are.
  • Allow your customers to easily and quickly review their invoices right in their email, rather than needing to click and load the invoice on a separate webpage


To answer the concerns directly above: 

  • @adamDFKC
    • The "View invoice" button, now renamed to say either "Review and pay" (if you have QuickBooks Payments set up), or "Print or save", brings your customers to the same link where they can view their invoice online. There is no change to the invoice template or PDF that you have set up that loads on this page. 
    • Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the abbreviated view? The invoice email is supposed to be a full version of the invoice, not an abbreviated view, but there might be some differences in how different mail clients load and display emails that we have not accounted for.
  • @csalvian: The new invoice emails are live for only a subset of customers in the US right now. But yes, we can definitely do a better job communicating changes like this more proactively in the future.
  • @Bluechute:
    • With security always top of mind, we've heard feedback from some users that they'd like to see "Powered by QuickBooks" to lend credibility to the link in the email, and especially for invoices that customers can pay online
    • The intention was to downplay the QuickBooks brand with the new invoice emails. You can now select a color that represents your business, and you are no longer stuck with only the "QuickBooks green". The QuickBooks logo is now also further down the email than where it was, so it only shows once your customers start scrolling through the email. The Privacy, Security, and Terms of service links are the same as the old emails. But we hear and appreciate your feedback, and we can explore smaller font sizes for "Powered by QuickBooks", and privacy, security, and terms of service links to make them less visible.
    • Do you by chance use the Mac Mail program to access your email? Mac Mail automatically puts a screenshot of attachments at the end of emails, but that's a Mac setting, and will not appear if your customers are opening your invoice on other mail clients like Gmail or iPhone.
    • You can still print your invoice after you create your invoice, by clicking on the Print/Preview button at black bar on the bottom of the screen.
    • You can also turn off your business name from the email. Your email preferences are now synced to your invoice template. So if you go to Gear > Custom form styles and edit your template (e.g. turn off your company name, choose a different accent color), settings there will also apply to your email 
    • When you say "unattractive version of my logo" - could you please tell us more? Does the logo look grainy or in a lower resolution? Does the size or aspect ratio look off?


We definitely hear the feedback that we can do a better job communicating changes like this more proactively in the future. Appreciate your patience, and thank you all again for the feedback - this will help us continue to make QuickBooks better for small businesses worldwide.