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Thanks for the response, I know your intention is not to make me feel "that way", and I have no emotional investment in software of any kind. I'm just stating the fact that every aspect of my financial life is done through computers, I pay all bills through the computer and I purchase through online sites all my needs - my business is based on computers and I can't grasp the concept that it's faster to have a client mail me a payment and deposit it than to use your software's features. Nothing personal and im not insulting your software I'm just not impressed and not sold on that side of your services, to be honest, I like the software look and feel I just think it's laughable that your team is unable or unwilling to come into the modern age of online transaction times and realize that real-time computing is what is making and breaking companies now. I just don't want to invest my time and energy dealing with substandard services to have to untangle myself from later. It could be that your platform just isn't suited for my business model and I can accept that.