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I just started a Painting company and I am on a shoestring budget. Now I have to make payroll to pay my subcontractors so they can provide for their families.


When I signed up for QuickBooks there was no mention of 7-10 business days for bank transfers.


not only that but I didn't sign up for this service I only linked my bank account to track expenses.


after sending a client an invoice I suppose they were given the option for bank transfer unbeknownst to me.


Now I have to wait 8 days to receive the payment.


I was never even asked if I wanted to give my customers the option for bank transfer or informed on 7-10 day time period.


This should be criminal, I will be contacting a lawyer.


How am I supposed to make payroll?

How are my subcontractors supposed to feed their families?

Gas, day to day expenses.?


This is an undue hardship and I think you lot should be held accountable for your deceptive practices.