QuickBooks Team
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Re: Why don’t you place a hold on payments during the already long wait time instead of the day o...

Hello there, @Jessiew3st


We know that delayed payments are tough, but we need to make sure to protect the interests of all parties involved in payment processing. I would have done the same if my customer payments aren't processed on the expected timeline. 


Despite of the long delay, we are still willing to help you settle this in the Community space. As much as I love to help provide the correct answers to your five questions, I'm unable to do so. This process requires us to securely pull up your account. We'll need to further review your data to keep you and your customers safe. 


At this point, I would personally recommend getting back in touch with our QuickBooks Payments Customer Support Team. You can provide the case number to them so they can read through the notes.


Stay in touch with me how it goes after contacting our support team, @Jessiew3st


If you have other concerns that you want us to take note of, please let me know. I'm always here to help.