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EOFY and Reconciliation

Hi charlieXIV,


When you set up the GST Centre with your own lodgement requirements (frequency, reportable tax agencies and so on) and prepare your BAS in QuickBooks Online, it will total all the transactions you have recorded with GST codes and provide you a figure either owed or owing to the ATO. If you have already lodged this in QuickBooks, you can review this by:


  1. On the left, select GST.
  2. Review your lodged BAS periods. You will see the balance due and can also run a BAS report if required by selecting the dropdown arrow to the right, then View BAS Summary (see example below).


If you are unclear on your reporting requirements with the ATO however, you will need to reach out to them directly. QuickBooks Online tracks the transactions you have entered into the product to come up with the BAS figure and can't provide advice on what specifically you are required to report.