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Can the Actual vs Budget report be fixed so that the over budget column shows the expense section correctly as a favourable or unfavourable?

QuickBooks Team

Reports & Accounting



QuickBooks Online's Budget feature is a great tool for seeing how your business is doing compared to your projects for a given year. The budget gives you the flexibility to enter figures based on a month-by-month basis or you can even copy over a prior year's actuals data to use as the new budget numbers if that suits your needs. Reporting plays an important role in seeing how well the budgeting is panning out, so I'll gladly go over this with you.


The Budget vs Actuals report, quite simply, shows you what you budgeted compared to how you're doing with actual income and expenses. The Over budget column shows you the figure as either a positive or negative to show whether you've gone over budget (positive number) or come in under budget (negative number).


It sounds like that's what you're hoping to change to have a clearer sense of the figures in the report. I know people have many different ways they'd like to set up reports to have a better understanding of what they're saying in terms of finances for the business. While there are a number of customizable options through the Customize button, changing the Over budget column's display isn't currently one of them. You can learn more about budgeting here: Create budgets in QuickBooks Online


I also encourage you to submit feedback using these steps: How do I submit feedback? This gives our product development team the opportunity to learn what options and features they can add or tweak to make using QuickBooks Online even easier.


If I'm not quite on the same page with what you're looking for, let me know and share some more detail with me so that I can take a look at what the report has to offer.


Wishing you the best with this!