Level 15

Reports and accounting

You "put the cost" by using Enter Bill. The function of "Credit to AP" = Vendor Menu > Enter Bill. There is no debate here; there is a Program with Tools and the accountant has given us instructions on what they Need to see, but we control HOW we will do it, by using the proper transaction for affecting AP. Credit AP = Enter Bill. The accountant gave them JE, but we don't use JE in QB for AP. Read the opening question again. And just becuase you don't have a "bill" in hand, if there is a need to Accrue an expense, that is Enter Bill, not JE. You don't need to JE "accrue liability" because AP already is a Liability. For instance, Bill to pay Accounting Fees expense = you just Accrued the expense as a Liability (AP) to be Paid Later, using Pay Bills. There is no JE and you don't reverse it. Any time you are told to make a JE to put Names on them, that is Enter Bill or Vendor Credit, for AP. For customers, the AR is not JE; it is invoices, receive payment and Credit Memos. This is a QB user forum and these are QB Transactions. A JE bypasses cash vs accrual basis, isn't seen as an AP or AR transaction, doesn't allow you to use items, bypasses Sales and Purchase reporting, bypasses Tax calculations, etc, etc, I really could go on and on about using JE for anything Name-related. You also don't need to use Enter Bill to pay CC or Loans; those are Already Liability type of account activities. Moving one liability to another doesn't make much sense, unless you are paid by the Transaction Count. Using JE makes quite a mess in the file. AP JE and Reversals are not Linked, and won't be seen in Vendor reporting or purchases. I really could go on :)