Level 3

Reports and Accounting

@RoseMarjorieAthanks for the help. I am getting conflicting information from various support given on here so I am very confused.


I need to report on payroll costs along with the rest of our expenditure and income on a monthly basis and all I had to do in the desktop version was run the appropriate P&L report.  


I still don't understand why the journals/liabilities aren't automatically created when payroll has been run? This seems like a massive step backwards from the desktop version of QuickBooks or am I missing something? I only had to click a few buttons before but are you now saying that I have to manually create these entries each month? QBO is supposed to be saving me time not adding extra steps. Other posts have said the journal is automatically created. 


I started/set up payroll from scratch from April for the new tax year so any migrated payroll data is old information. Did the set up not create the relevant accounts/sub accounts? I have accounts associated with payroll that aren't old ones. 


Many thanks