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Reports and accounting

Thank you for your response!  After spending 3-4 days, 3 hr/day looking through every 'help' article I could find about reconciliations, light dawned and I realized it 'could be' the 'leftover' transactions,  never accounted for, when my bank was bought out by another bank in the middle of 2018. When I added debits/credits from these 'leftovers,' gee whiz, it turned out to be the exact amount of the discrepancy!! I am on cloud nine at this moment, realizing that QB cannot grind me into the ground... that I can do it all by myself!  Those 3-4 days, however, were not wasted at all, because I ran into all sorts of stuff: I explored the 'esoteric' register (!) and discrepancy reports and what I could edit/not edit. I forced myself to learn the difference between C and R, as in cleared vs. reconciled. When one resists for 4 yr learning anything about accounting... one actually spends much more time worrying about everything in the financial unknown, from taxes to receipt organization - as they say, it rents a BIG space in my mind. Finally forced by the economy, I threw back the mental bed covers and made the excruciating decision to get involved in my own finances. Reconciliations are important, but feeling a tiny bit empowered to do basic accounting... ah, that's priceless!!