Level 3

Reports and accounting

The business is a small restaurant, at the end of the day i print the z tape which has total sales broke down by cc payments, cash, checks, on accounts(which is my problem), gift cards sold, gift cards redeemed(also a problem but may have them figured out) and over/short till(also a problem). I make a sales receipt in quickbooks and name it daily sales, I enter the total taxable and non taxable sales as a non inventory item, I do not use the built in sales tax as most of the time it is off by a cent or 2 so i have sales tax collected set up as an other charge item, cash, checks, credit cards and on accounts are set up as payment items which is why my on accounts are showing in the wrong spot but i do not know how to fix, my over short is set up as an other charge and goes to an expense account(i have the same problem with this as i do the on accounts)payments post to undeposited funds then i try to match to my bank deposits but the deposits do not match because of on accounts, over/short tills and the gift cards... i deposit the money from long tills to the bank but not sure how to account for this in quickbooks so everything matches

so what is happening is my daily sales invoice is showing the daily sales totals but is long or short the amount of the long or short till because the long till i deposit the money to the bank but the deposit is long that amount compared to what qb says, same with on accounts, when my employees get food they ring it up to a charge account and it shows as a sale but they do not pay until payday so when they pay the deposit is long amount of there charges and when they charge the deposit is short the amount of there charge, hope this makes sense...