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Re: Invoicing my customers for inventory items is not decreasing my inventory and increasing my COGS as it should. Help?

When I have posted purchases using the expense tab, it has always increased the value of my inventory asset account, so I never found any problem with that. However, I  have gone back and corrected an old purchase based on the information you have given, or at least my interpretation thereof. Please let me know if this looks right and I will go and change all of those purchases for the year 2018 before submitting my account's copy to our accountant.  But I'm wondering if correcting all of the purchases I made for inventory materials will cause QB to do the correct accounting now when invoicing my customers. I am not sure I understand how that will effect the invoicing part of the accounting.

Also, should I be posting job materials purchased for a specific job the same way under the items tab instead of the expense tab, as well?