QuickBooks Team

Reports and accounting

Hi there, @valerieharned


It's nice to have you here in the Community. I can assist you with pulling up a customized report that shows Annual Sales of a Product/Service by Customer and to include Customer address information. 


You can pull up a Transaction List By Customer and customize it with shipping address. 


Here's how:

  1. Click on Reports at the left pane.
  2. On the search box, type in Transaction List By Customer
  3. Click on the Gear Icon beside the Export button. 
  4. Under Change Columns, click on Show More.
  5. Put a check-mark on the Shipping Address box.
  6. Click on Run report. 

I've attached some screenshots to visualize the steps: Picture1.pngPicture2.pngPicture3.png


That should do it, @valerieharned


Please let me know if you're referring to something else. I'm just around the corner to provide additional assistance. Have a great week ahead!