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Assembly Quantity different than Item Quantity

I just finished inventory for the year, so thought I could start fresh. Trying to build an assembly, the quantity of one item is zero. When I look at that one item it shows 3 available.  I don't have any pending or future orders using this item. Why the discrepancy and how to fix?



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Let me get the help you need about Assembly and Item Quantity.


Just to verify, did you mean the build assembly item shows quantity available than your item inventory quantity?


If yes, please know that in QuickBooks Desktop, when an assembly build is performed, the components are deducted from inventory and the quantity of assembly items increases accordingly.


Therefore, after creating an assembly, it will increase the Quantity of the assembly and decrease the Quantity of the inventory parts used to build the assembly.


Here's a helpful article for more information: Create, build, and work with inventory assembly items.


Please don't hesitate to reach back out if you have further questions concerning Assembly and Item Quantity, I'd be glad to further assist. Have a great day!

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This is based on Dates: "When I look at that one item it shows 3 available."


You looked, where? In Items list, that can be 3 later than you are dating the Build. Run an Item Quick Report, or Item Availability as of the date of the Build. It has to exist on or before the Date of the Build.

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AH! I had dated a Bill incorrectly so although the item list showed 3, on the quick report it showed 0. Thanks!!