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Reports and accounting

I think I haven't been clear. The pdf I sent is just to show you that in one of the to registers that QBO created, didn't complete the field class.

I don't get 0.00 running the report Profit and Lost by classes, and it is not because of the time I did de Deposit or the date of the Invoice.


I am going to make a one clear question. 


Why the register that QBO make automatically when the deposit is applicated to the invoice, does not complete the field "class"? Is this ok? Do I have to learn to live with this?


I just need the field class to be complete in both times when QBO uses the Account Unapplied Cash Payments Income, to be able to see my Profit and Loss by Classes correct.



Profit and Loss
January 1-22, 2019
By Class
 .ServicesNot SpecifiedTOTAL
   Service Sales278.00  278.00 
   Unapplied Cash Payment Income278.00 -278.00 0.00 
Total Income$        556.00 -$       278.00 $       278.00 
Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019 02:41:30 PM GMT-8 - Cash Basis