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Re: Setup up Quickbook for Mac for short term vacation rental.

Hi divkar


The two pieces of advice that I see over and over again online for using QuickBooks for rental properties is what I'm trying myself. That is:


1. Use Classes to tag each individual property and unit. For example, use Classes for each building with Sub-classes for each unit. That way you can run reports that sub-total by Class and Sub-class. Be aware that Quicken for Mac 2109 doesn't have a Balance Sheet by Class report like the PC version has so I'm currently working on a workaround for the Balance sheet. The Profit and Loss reports work well by class. Follow this issue on this forum to see the progress:


2. For organizing tenants, use Customer for each unit, and use Job for each tenant. That way you can see information for the lifetime of the property and for each tenant who leases the property.


That's what I'm doing for now. Let me know what works for you.