Level 2

Repair Shop Sublet Repairs

I have a mobile tractor repair business. I am too busy right now and cant take on any more work. I have a friend that also has a mobile tractor repair business and has offered to take on a few of my open jobs that i can't get to. He wants to bill me, and then I bill the customer. He will have labor involved and most likely he will charge me for any parts he had to purchase to fix the tractor. How to i categorize the invoice he sends me (the expense)? I have read this would be considered sublet repair? Is he Sublet Services Cost - COS? Or is there a different way if hes set up as a contarctor? Do i set him up as a contractor? Also how do i categorize the invoice i send the customer? Do i charge the customer labor hours and parts like i normally do? What is the proper way to categorize this whole scenario in QBO? Thank you in advance. If you need anymore information feel free to ask.