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How can i grab the second and subsequent lines from the "bill to" field in a "transaction list by customer" report?

Product: Quick-books Enterprise Solutions: Accountant 16.0

My Problem Explained:

I'm needing to create a script/program that works on a Quick-books report exported to an excel document. i need the customer names for one of the functions, which wouldn't be a problem if they were all in the first field. the person keeping record put cash transactions in as "CASH CUSTOMER" on the first line in the "bill to" field, with the client's name in the second or sometimes the third line of that field. when creating the report excel sheet, Quick-books only grabs the first line...


...Is there any way to have lines other than the first thrown into the report as well? 


...If Quick-books just does not support that feature, where can i find the raw data in my file-system so i can just grab it from there without doing repetitive actions in the UI?


Any help is appreciated. if i can just get those extra lines containing the customer names, i will be saved from going through thousands of invoices by hand.