Level 15

Reports and accounting



Please Learn from this input.




You should not be seeing checkmarks in the P&L perspective at all. The reason, as @JanyRoseB rightly stated, is that only Balance Sheet accounts get reconciled. That means the account for the Transaction Side, as Bank or credit card charge. are what gets reconciled. These details seen in the P&L, from the Expenses and Items tab of purchases, or from Sales, income and expense are never reconciled.



That's why, No, you should not be seeing Cleared Status, for these income and expense account details as the Transactions.



An Invoice is AR. The entries here are Income, and perhaps Sales taxes and the AR gets offset by your Receive Payment. Nothing in AR gets "reconciled". Then, if you use Undeposited Funds, the Payment flows to UF and later, you select it for Make Deposit. UF is "self-reconciling" and that means the UF register shows the In and Out are cleared against each other = have the checkmark. But your P&L only shows the Income from the invoice. It doesn't show AR or UF or even banking. Cash Basis means the Date of the Payment is used, but the Invoice is showing.


Can you give an image attachment or an example of what you put on the invoice for the detail you see as "cleared" when viewing the P&L Detail? Thanks.