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Re: IS there a LINK attached to an invoice for what estimate was used? How can I tell what estima...

Welcome to the Community, ttaccounting.

Thanks for trying to follow the awesome suggestions of our Established Community Backers. Let me join the thread to add some insights on how to know which estimate is linked to the invoice.


While I'm not sure why you're unable to see the transaction history, let me share the detailed steps on how to check the history of the estimate as mentioned by @qbteachmt.


There are two options to view this. You can either use the Transaction History or click the Show History icon.


Let me show you how:


To use the Transaction History:

  1. Open the estimate, then click the Reports tab at the top.
  2. Select the Transaction History icon (see the first screenshot).

This icon will show you the invoice details that is linked to the estimate.




To use the Show History icon:

  1. Open the estimate.
  2. Click the little arrow on the right part, the select the Transaction tab.
  3. The invoice will show under Related Transaction section (refer to the second screenshot).

Just click the Invoice link to view the transaction.




That's it. I'd appreciate if you can update me on how it goes. I'll be here if there's anything else you need. Have a good one.