Level 15

Reports and accounting

"I guess I just thought I could get the profit and loss report to match what will actually be income and expense"


Yes; that means Not Posting as expense, things that do not Qualify as expense. Do not confuse Cash Flow as Expenditure and Expense.


"I wasnt sure that if I tracked mileage in quickbooks if it would go into profit and loss report"



It's a Mileage Log; not actual Expense. That will be used to compute your Allowance on the tax prep.


I don't see where you told us this is a Corporate Owned vehicle or a Personal Vehicle or what is the Tax Entity type. All of this matters to your topic. We are doing our best to answer Blind to the facts.


"advertisement on the donations"


Let me help: Don't use those two words as if they are Synonyms. If you made a donation, that is Not Business Expense. If you have proof that you created Advertising, that is Advertising. Get a copy of the Thank You in the event program that lists all businesses that supported the event  and keep it on file, for proof of Expense.