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Re: Recurring Transactions not posting

Welcome to the QuickBooks Community space, dialedin.


Let me help you get the recurring invoice to work successfully in the QuickBooks system.


We currently don't have any reports going on about creating recurring invoices. Since the other recurring invoice works fine, I recommend you delete and recreate the transaction to help isolate the issue.


You can follow the steps I've attached below to recreate the transaction:


1. Click the Gear icon.

2. Select Recurring Transactions.

3. Search for the recurring transaction and click the drop-down arrow.

4. Click Delete.

5. Choose Yes.

6. Click New.

7. Select a transaction type and click OK.

8. Enter necessary information and click Save template.


I've also attached an article for more information about creating recurring invoice:


Recurring invoice - How to create an invoice dated in the future, but completed at an earlier date.


Feel free to leave a comment below if you need more help with the recurring invoice. I'll be here to assist you.