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Custom Field Reporting on Customer Job Set Up

Last few years, I have needed to allocate the income on our P&L to the actual state in which the work was performed.  I found there wasn't really a way to do this in QB since the customer/client wasn't always located in the same state as the job.  For example, we have a client that is located in North Carolina, but construction job is physically located in South Carolina.  


I created a "custom field" that says "State Work Performed" under the "Additional Info" tab on the Job set up, and have been a little better about filling out that custom field when I set up the project.  However, I noticed when I ran the Transaction Detail for that account, I missed a few.  


My problem is, when I go into the job set up for a project that was created, and complete the custom field, it doesn't pull the updated information into the report.  I did a test by creating a new invoice under a job that I updated, and the new invoice does show the custom field updated, but the invoice I did for the same job the day before doesn't have the "state work performed" info completed.  My QB only updates the info on the "invoices" level (invoices created after the field is updated), instead of using the updated field on the "project level".  


Am I just running the wrong report??  I have attached a sample of what I am running into.