Level 1

What is the best way to book a ach expense on diferent days but the same amount?

I have a software expense and Amazon charges our bank account four or five times per month, for the same amount but different dates.  do you have memorized JE in QBO? It seems QBO does not like Journal Entries, is this correct?
Level 9

Reports and accounting

There is no issue with JE's in QBO, and recurring JE's can be created. However, if your bank account is connected to QBO and you have recurring expenses charged via ACH coming through your bank feed, you should create a recurring expense in QBO, and not a recurring JE. You can also create a custom bank rule to automatically categorize the recurring expense.

Level 3

Reports and accounting

Option 1

On the left pick “banking”

Create a rule that recognises that expense and set it up to fill with proper entries


Option 2 (not recomended)

Go to “+”

Select “journal entry”

Set up journal entry

At bottom of page select “make reoccurring”