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"Foreign Balance" column option no longer available; needed for reconciling USD asset accounts

My company switched to Quickbooks Online Plus this year in 2018.  Previously we had a 2014 Desktop version.  We have an office in Nicaragua that uses the NIO as the home currency, but also has various assets in USD (cash, bank accounts, loans receivable, security deposits). 


In the report, "Transaction Report", we used to add the column "Foreign Balance" to make sure we could reconcile our non-cash accounts in USD.   In Quickbooks Online Plus, there is not an option to choose "Foreign Balance", only "Foreign Amount", "Foreign Credit" and "Foreig Debit".


Since this option is not available, is there a workaround that we could use to close the books this year?  Are there any plans to make this a column option in the future?  It's very useful and even necessary information.