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Opening balance equity/account setup

This is a complex question.  Let me start with some background:

Our previous accountant is from an outside agency.  I was hired to do this work internally.  This means all bookkeeping, payroll, and tracking grant income and expenses for our bio research company would be transitioned to Quickbooks internally.  This previous accountant did not provide 2017 financials to me when I started in Feb 2018.  Multiple attempts to obtain a smooth transition, did not happen.  I was forced to start from scratch, work backward in some cases to establish AP and AR for this already existing company.  After a year of transactions, I produced our P&L and Balance sheet so our CPA (former keeper of books).  He said it was all wrong and that I should have entered in opening balances, retained earnings from 2017 (remember I never had this information) and spent the year trying to obtain it through multiple canceled appointments and nothing sent electronically so I had to account TBIC (the best i could).  Eventually he provided something in Jan of 2019, so I went back and entered these opening balances.  But when all said and done, I still have a net income line which he says I shouldn't have.

I closed out 2018 and QB made that closing entry that shifts everything to retained earnings but it affects 2019 not 2018.  He is demanding that I shift net income in 2018 to retained earnings so he can file our taxes for 2018.  I don't know how to do this and making him frustrated.  There is no account for "net income" but I have one for retained earnings.  What journal entry do I make to satisfy this CR and DR? 

I will address the opening AR and AP in another discussion.