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Re: When I create a bill for a vendor, it has multiple items in a single bill. I want each item, their rate and their quantity to show up on the check stub.

I am in the same boat Client screaming she wants the detail on both check stubs.  I am in 2019 desktop.  Intuit is telling me it can not be done.  However, client is claiming she called the 1-800 # and they told her it could be done.  She is claiming I do not know what I am doing.

@carloscanas942 wrote:
I have paid a bill that contains several items for services being paid in one bill; these are paid with one check. To recap: One bill with several like items, each with a dollar figure/quantity, paid with one check. I entered the bill in quickbooks, and entered the details of each item, I then paid the bill with one check. I want the check stub (I'm using a voucher check) to show the details of each item in the bill. As of right now, when I print the bill the stub simply shows the total. I've tried going to File > Print forms > Bill Payment stubs but its the same result, only the final total of all the items added up. Is there any way I can get the details printed on the check stub?

RECap 1 Electric bill with 10 site #'s on the bill this is a Mobile home park.  So the different amounts need to be back billed to the residents.  The check stubs are the clients proof the bill was paid for each site.