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Reports and accounting

Hello everyone, 


What a great discussion! I can see there is a lot of passion around this topic. @Anonymous, @Raywhite28@qbteachmt@Rustler, @lynda, @ParkwayInc and everyone else on the thread, thank you for providing valuable insight into this complicated income reporting scenario. And thank you to @Anonymous in particular for initiating such a spirited (and clearly needed) discussion. 


Everyone has approached the issue of income reporting protocol for subcontractors of contractors in a different way. All of these answers push the conversation towards the ultimate goal of resolution. @lynda, you're answers are always concise, encouraging and thoughtful! @Anonymous, I love how you look at the problem holistically and point out the fundamental complexity of the question as it pertains to different industries (namely food and service). @ParkwayInc, please keep posing fantastic, challenging critical-thinking questions (and keep being amazing). @qbteachmt, you have so much expertise and amazing insight. I really appreciate how you've used simple analogies as heuristics to explain the reporting process. @Rustler, thank you for providing official notation, it's important to bring documentation into conversations. And of course, @Raywhite28, thank you for those helpful links about company policy - clearly 1099 questions are something many of us in different communities think about. 

I'd love if we could collectively nail down specifics (or pose different questions and challenging scenarios) to turn this conversation into learning material. I'm happy to be the point person and open to collaborating with anyone. This content would be really valuable for other users!  

Please continue this conversation. We encourage it! Going forward, please keep judgements about the value of other user's perspectives out of the conversation. Be as objective as possible. This community is a place for civil discourse. To this point, the conversation has been mature. Please keep it that way :smileyhappy:. 

Back to @Anonymous's original question, if you were in their shoes, what would you do?